Spirit of Emptiness,

            Of infinite space and time without end,

I give thanks for the emptying that has entered my life.


 I am grateful for the blessings of subtraction that have come my way:

            For the breakup of relationships that had become static,

            For the decluttering that has lifted the burden of excess possessions,

            For the empty nest of children successfully launched,

            For the ending of work which no longer brought satisfaction,

            For the absence of beliefs that ceased to bring meaning and stalled my growth.


I know well the Spirit of Fullness,

            And am thankful for the abundance of my life.


Yet I also am thankful for emptiness,

For a life that is not so crammed with people and tasks and things

            That I cannot move easily, cannot go with the flow, cannot know the joy of surprise.


Spirit of Emptiness,

            May I not flee from your presence nor fear your work among and in me,

            May I consent to the letting go and losing you invite,

                        Trusting that with emptiness comes a greater freedom and peace.